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Branding is a perpetual concept of strategic processes that creates familiarity and memorable impressions on the consumer, influencing buyer behaviors. However, it sets a standard of expectation from the customer as well.

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Creating video content is a unique strategy being used by more businesses in today’s market because it tells your brand’s story from a creative context. Fun and engaging video content demonstrates brand personality and is more likely to be viewed, liked, shared, and remembered.

“It’s an approach that encompasses all aspects of digital marketing, having more impact than images or text. “

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Give A Tenth educated the population of people who gamble to give 10% of their winnings back to their communities. 

We enjoyed educating this population about the effects of gambling in their communities. As a part of the Give A Tenth campaign, we created an informational video, wrote and ran a 30-second radio ad for 8 weeks, developed social media content and creatives, produced a briefing paper, and strategized our marketing efforts for the distribution of content.

new birth


New Birth Christians Ministries aimed to service at least 50 people through education about opioid awareness and the necessary treatments to heal. 

To accomplish their goal we initiated a 30-40 second radio ad, boosted and cross-posted social media with small-scale ads, participated and headed community outreach, created and delivered 4 learning modules and 1 educational module, consulted on web content and design, and hosted a live stream event. 

community conversations


Community Conversation's Outreach Campaign educated at least 100 viewers about opioid awareness and where they can receive additional services and treatments. 

In order to accomplish their outreach campaign, we conducted and hosted 14 webinars where analytical data was collected, created and cross-posted all content for digital flyers and collected analytical data, participated in community outreach, and created a one-page informational website.

souls to polls


Souls for Polls campaign intention was to get more people to head to their website to register to vote. 

To encourage more engagement on their website we streamed ads, partnered with Radio One, ran a 30-second radio ad for 2 weeks, and participated as a media buyer.